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Smart Wing Chun Kung Fu


Master Mark Clark

I started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1979, then under the guidance of Peter Pete who had himself trained under Grandmaster Victor Kan of Fulham, London. Grandmaster Kan was taught Wing Chun Kung Fu by none other than Grandmaster Yip Man in China.

Yip Man's name became well known in the seventies as the man who taught the famous martial arts star Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee became a legend on the screen due to his explosive ability.

In 1986 I reached my instructor grade in modified Wing Chun also at this time Peter Pete left England. This was the time that I started training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu under the late Master Derek Jones from London. I used to travel up to London every week for training session's with Master Derek Jones until I attained my Master Grade.

Before becoming involved in Wing Chun Kung Fu, I studied boxing, Wado Ryu and Zenki Ryu Karate for a number of years.

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